Scandal Bursts Around Safarov’s Photo In Azerbaijan


15:09, 19 December, 2012

YEREVAN, DECEMBER 19, ARMENPRESS. Serious scandal burst in Azerbaijan,
when an employee of news website took photos of Ramil
Safarov in the Central Hospital of Baku and posted his pictures in
the website. It has been a long time since Ramil Safarov was hiding
from the society.

After Ramil Safarov, who was sentenced to life imprisonment in Hungary
for murdering Armenian army lieutenant Gourgen Margaryan with an axe
at night, extradited to Azerbaijan and pardoned by the Azerbaijani
president Ilham Aliyev, did not appear in the public for “security
reasons”. Ramil Safarov, accompanied by two bodyguards, visited the
hospital to say last farewell to his deceased friend.

After the website published the picture, Safarov’s brother phoned the
editor of the site Elbrus Erud, caused a scandal, called him a “spy”
and complained to the Ministry of National Security for providing
improper security level for the national “hero” of Azerbaijan. This
behavior enraged editor of the site and Elbrus Erud published an open
letter in their website addressed to Ramil Safarov, where he accused
Safarov’s brother of ill-breeding and imprudence.

In the letter Erud states: “When those organizations, formed for your
protection, froze their activity, we didn’t keep silence. When I tried
to learn the opinion of the officials about you, they calmly replied:
“Forget about Ramil’s case.” Also the editor confesses that a number of
politicians, parliamentarians, businessmen, who considered him to be
hero, promoted Safarov to become a hero. Erud writes: “I believe that
in Hungary you acted like a glorious Turkish warrior. Ramil Safarov
is one of the triumphs of the current government and particularly
Ilham Aliyev’s.” Elbrus Erud writes that in response for supporting
and protecting Safarov, he became a victim of the shocking behavior
of the family members of the Azerbaijani “hero”.

Criminal Ramil Safarov was sentenced to life imprisonment in Hungary
for murdering Armenian army lieutenant Gourgen Margarine with an axe.

He was extradited to Azerbaijan on August 31, 2012, where he was
pardoned by Azerbaijani president Ilham Aliev the day he arrived
to Azerbaijan.