Armenia Should Withdraw From Armenian-Turkish Protocols – Arf-D Rep


13:27 ~U 19.12.12

As the centennial of the Armenian Genocide is nearing, Giro Manoyan,
Head of the Hay Dat office, Armenian Revolutionary Federation
Dashnaktsutyun (ARF-D), believes that Armenia should withdraw its
signature from the Armenian-Turkish protocols.

“Turkey is now trying to show a process involving the two countries.

They are making use of the protocols only to claim they are involved
in a process with Armenia. Our authorities have not changed their
behavior in the recent two years. Even the president has re-stated
his confidence the protocols are the right document, and Armenia has
no intention to withdraw,” Mr Manoyan said.

With respect to the Armenian president’s unwillingness to withdraw
from the protocols, he said that it is a way of assuming a stance in
the eyes of the West rather than a method to settle the issue.

“We must not ignore the fact that the last presidential election
process and results had its impact on the Armenian-Turkish protocols.

If the elections had been held in a different atmosphere, football
diplomacy would have taken a different course. I am concerned over
how the forthcoming election will be held,” Mr Manoyan said.

He also pointed out the necessity of raising not only the issue
of recognition of the Armenian Genocide, but also of restoration
of rights.

“Recognition should not be considered task number one any longer. The
issue of rights should be emphasized. This scope of rights is wide –
from individual compensations to territorial issues,” Mr Manoyan said.

Some states may recognize the Armenian Genocide on the occasion of
its 100th anniversary, he added.

From: A. Papazian