Press Points Of Commissioner Tefan Fule After The Cooperation Counci


EU News
Dec 18 2012

Reference: MEMO/12/998 Event Date: 17/12/2012

Press points of Commissioner Å tefan Fule after the Cooperation
Council with Armenia

I said already in September in Yerevan that we managed to move our
agenda to a higher level. And this Council only confirms that Armenia
and the EU get closer to each other in concrete ways:

There are already some specific achievements – a short while ago we
have signed the Visa Facilitation Agreement and protocol concerning
Armenia’s participation in EU programmes. For people this is a visible
and tangible result of our close partnership.

But there is more on our ambitious agenda. The negotiations of the
Association Agreement, including the Deep and Comprehensive Free
Trade Area, have progressed well. For a successful outcome which
allows EU-Armenia relations to reach their full potential, we will
need sustained reform efforts next year.

We welcome progress made by Armenia in the conduct of May parliamentary
elections. At the same time, we trust that Armenia will address the
remaining OSCE/ODIHR recommendations in the context of presidential
elections in February next year. This is a crucial issue for a relation
based on common values.

We welcome Armenia’s efforts in the area of good governance and human
rights. Important challenges remain, including ensuring independence
of the judiciary and pursuing systemic anti-corruption measures.

The goals and ambitions are clearly defined. Now it is about how to
turn them into reality. Armenia can of course count on EU’s support.

We hope to be able to make a very positive assessment of the
strengthening of our relationship during the Eastern Partnership
summit in Vilnius next year.

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