Indo-Armenian Friendship Ngo Hosts Ambassador Designate Of India To


18:42, December 18, 2012

On 15th December 2012, Indo-Armenian Friendship NGO (IAF) organised
an interactive session between the newly appointed Ambassador of
India to Armenia and Georgia Dr. T. Suresh Babu and members of IAF
in India’s premier Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.

Dignitaries present in the occasion included Ambassador Achal Kumar
Malhotra, outgoing Ambassador of India to Armenia and Georgia, Mrs.
Lusik Tovmasyan, Consul of Armenian Embassy in India, and Prof.

Purushottam Agrawal, Member of Union Public Service Commission (UPSC).

People who attended the event included Armenian students studying
in India, Indian students who had graduated from YSMU, businessmen
and people from different walks of life interested to know about
Indo-Armenian ties. Most of them were members of Indo-Armenian
Friendship NGO.

Prof. Purushottam Agrawal, who recently launched his new Book titled
“Hindi Sarai: Astrakhan via Yerevan” spoke about his experiences in
Yerevan which was his penultimate destination before his journey to
Astrakhan in Russia. His journey inspired him to author this book,
which he mentions not only as “Travelogue” but a well researched

He especially mentioned the great contribution of Armenian patriotic
poet Yeghishe Charents in the cultural historicity of Armenia.

“Armenian people are quite efficient, quite energetic and very
helpful”, said the professor, recalling his days in Armenia. “I was
aware of the importance of Armenia in world history, and also of
the long standing cultural relations between Armenia and India”,
continued the author, and went ahead to speak about the immense
contribution the Armenians had on Indian culture and society.

Ambassador Designate Dr. T. Suresh Babu works in the Eurasian
division of Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India and is
in charge of CIS countries, among which Armenia is one as well. While
speaking of his next assignment as Ambassador of Armenia & Georgia,
he recalled how he got to know about Armenia for the first time when
his father took him to Armenian Bazar in Chennai. He underlined the
great mutual goodwill existing between both countries and was happy
to state that there is already a great existing foundation to take
his work further very easily.

Mrs. Lusik Tovmasyan, Consul of Armenian Embassy in India addressed
the audience and spoke about the centuries old Indo-Armenian ties. She
especially underlined the striking similarities between people of both
countries. “As most Armenians in India will agree, it is very difficult
for one to part away from India after staying in this country for
some time”, she said, speaking about the love Armenians have for India.

She also spoke about the long-standing Indo-Armenians ties, making
a special mention about Mariam Zamani Begum, the Christian Armenian
wife of Mughal Emperor Akbar. The Armenian Consul further wished the
new Ambassador to Armenia immense success in his new task in Yerevan.

Renowned Warli Folk artist Mrs. Babita Biswas who was also present
at the event was sharing her own memories about Armenia which
she experienced during her visit to this beautiful country for her
Painting Exhibition jointly organized by the Ministry of Culture of
Armenia and ICCR.

About IAF

Indo-Armenian Friendship NGO (IAF) is a non-profit, non-partisan,
non-governmental organization (NGO) committed to benchmark
INDIA-ARMENIA relationships in the world-map while acting as a
connecting “BRIDGE” between India and Armenia to promote people to
people connection, strengthen cultural, Socio-economic ties, trade
engagement and also in long term developing environmental guidance
through sustainable development programs for a prosperous future with
great emphasis on bilateral engagement; to educate Armenians on India
and Indians on Armenia. It will be acting as the ARMENIA CHAPTER for
“Society For Promotion Of Global Understanding” (SPGU).

From: Baghdasarian