Ashot Manucharian: Eavesdropping Was More Aimed Against Hak


December 18

“Since the end of the world is approaching, one should understand
which agenda is being formed now – the agenda of the dying world
or of the incipient one? The agenda which is currently being formed
is the dying world’s agenda,” member of “Karabakh” Committee Ashot
Manucharian said at a press conference today.

Speaking about the Zurabian-Oskanian conversation’s eavesdropping
that has made a stir in recent days, Ashot Manucharian remarked that
its meaning is not quite clear now. ” Ahead of the election, they are
engaged in a culture of discrediting people,” he said adding that the
eavesdropping was more aimed against the Armenian National Congress
(HAK) as it has made more stir among HAK.

As regards the Prosperous Armenia party (BHK) decision not to field
a presidential candidate; Manucharian said that the majority of BHK
electorate is prepared to struggle so that something will change. In
his words, it is not ruled out that BHK electorate will vote for
Serzh Sargsyan or Raffi Hovannisian.

As for the candidate of HAK, the speaker noted that all the figures
of HAK can nominate themselves as a presidential candidate.

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