Mediamax And Armentel Presented "Yerevan. 20th Century" Book


Mediamax News Agency, Armenia
Dec 17 2012

Photo: Mediamax.Mediamax media company and “ArmenTel” CJSC presented
“Yerevan. 20th Century” book today.LeftRight123456 Yerevan/Mediamax/.

Mediamax media company and “ArmenTel” CJSC presented “Yerevan. 20th
Century” book today.

The book is created on the basis of the project of the same name
implemented on Mediamax’s site since the beginning of the year with
“ArmenTel’s” general sponsorship.

The book features 15 stories about buildings and places of special
significance for Yerevan’s life. In particular, readers can get
acquainted with the stories of Cascade, Closed Market, “Ani” and
“Sevan” hotels, “Koziryok” cafe, Youth Palace, Hrazdan Stadium,
“Moscow” and “Russia” cinema houses and others.

“I have been living in Yerevan for already 3 years and I open up
to myself something new, bright and unique here every day. I have
many friends here who tell about their city with great love. Mostly
owing to their stories did I really love Yerevan. Each city has its
own history and memories which are passed on from one generation to
another. I am sure that the book will be interesting and important
first of all to Yerevan residents and will serve as one more link
between the older and younger generations. Turning over its pages,
the reader can feel himself close to the spirit of the old Yerevan
seeing the city in the images and reading the eyewitness accounts”,
noted “ArmenTel” CJSC CEO Igor Klimko in the foreword to the book

“I have recently heard a wonderful saying: “city is not the stones
but people”. Our book is about this. Within “Yerevan. 20th Century”
project, first of all we strive to express the ambience of the city
which was formed by its residents. When we launched “Yerevan. 20th
Century” special project on our site with “ArmenTel” support in the
early 2012, naturally we hoped for its success. But the response of
the readers exceeded our expectations. Over time, we understood that
publishing a separate book is a must as the book is the favorite
information source for representatives of middle-aged and older
people”, said Mediamax’s Director Ara Tadevosyan.

He also noted that “Yerevan. 20th Century” project became a
multi-format one – besides the internet version and the book, there
is also a TV project which Mediamax implements on “Armenia” TV. The
TV version comprising 12 programs started in early October and the
last program of the series on the Closed Market will be broadcast on
December 23.

The book is published in 1000 copies: 500 copies will be used by
“ArmenTel” as corporate New Year gifts. The remaining 500 copies will
be put to sale. Mediamax and “ArmenTel” are going to use funds from
the sales to implement a project in the Armenian capital.

“Yerevan. 20th Century” is available in Yerevan book stores –
“Bookinist”, “Noyan Tapan” and “Artbridge”. The book costs AMD 5.500.