Armenian opposition MP critical over intercepted record

Armenian opposition MP critical over intercepted record
20:50 – 16.12.12

Nikol Pashinyan of the opposition Armenian National Congress (ANC) has
voiced criticism over the intercepted video record featuring a private
meeting between two parliament members.

In a statement on his personal website, Pashinyan urges for strict
accountability measures against those who intercepted and uploaded to
YouTube the conversation between the head of the ANC faction in
parliament, Levon Zurabyan, and ex-Foreign Minister Vartan Oskanian
(who is now a lawmaker of the Prosperous Armenia party).

Strictly condemning what he calls a KGB-style unlawful act, Pashinyan
calls for opening a proceeding under article 146 of Armenia’s Criminal
Code (Violation of the secrecy of correspondence, telephone
conversations, postal, telegraph or other communications.)

In the meantime, he asks the ANC members and the representatives of
other opposition forces to demonstrate restraint to fulfill their
obligations to the public.

Pashinyan thinks that the existing political situation makes the
presidential nomination of their leader, Armenia’s first President
Levon Ter-Petrosyan, necessary.