Governor office does not depend on election outcome – Kotayk Governo

Governor’s office does not depend on election outcome, Armenia’s
Kotayk governor says

18:44 – 15.12.12

Kotayk governor Kovalenko Shahgeldyan assesses the chances of the
Republican Party nominee Serzh Sargsyan 100% voicing assurances that
in his province as well, despite a big number of PAP voters, their
candidate will win.

Speaking to he found it difficult to say whom the PAP’s votes
will go to in his province. `It depends on what candidates will be. My
profession is far from making forecasts. I can just say that our
president will win,’ he said.

Asked whether the decision of the PAP leader not to run for presidency
was decisive for him in respect of keeping his office, Shahgeldyan
said this office depends on governor’s work and not on the election

At the same time he said that his relations with the PAP
representatives have always been good. `We enjoy good partnership
relations. So no conflict situation has ever been created between us.
Neither will it be this time,’ he said.

Kotayk governor reassured that there is no issue of gathering the
heads of communities and giving them assignments in connection with
the upcoming elections. `What does it mean? We have our clear
electorate and we all will see on February 18 who will give their
votes for the leader of our country,’ he said.

By the way, in Kotayk province the PAP has always gathered more votes
at the parliamentary elections than the RPA.