Azerbaijani authorities get further from Russia

Azerbaijani authorities get further from Russia

December 15, 2012 | 01:41

MOSCOW. – It is hardly necessary to say that Russia has more
opportunities to influence on Azerbaijan than vice versa, Russian
expert Eduard Popov told Armenia commenting on the
situation around the Gabala Radar Station in Azerbaijan.

Rejection by Azerbaijan to allow Russia prolonging the exploitation
period, carries a pressing character. Azerbaijani MFA informs that
Russia and Azerbaijan ran intensive talks on the station. However, the
sides did not come to an agreement on the rental price.

`Here the strategic meaning of the object is not accounted,’ the expert added.

According to Popov, when the parties find themselves in the opposite
side of the barricade, chances to clash increases sharply.

For Azerbaijan the attack on Iran will have catastrophic results. For
Russia as well, as it is not interested in turning the region into a
conflicting zone. However, the Gabala situation even indirectly
confirms the possibility of a military conflict.