ARF-D attends ruling party’s congress due to politeness, rep says

ARF-D attends ruling party’s congress due to politeness, rep says
13:55 – 15.12.12

The Armenian Revolutionary Federation-Dashnaktsutyun (ARF-D) has
attended the ruling Republican party’s congress due to politeness,
ARF-D MP Aghvan Vardanyan told the reporters today.

Asked why only ARF-D has been invited from the opposition, Vardanyan
advised to ask ruling party’s faction head Galust Sahakyan. `We are
polite people, we are a political force acting in the same country and
if we are being invited we attend the event due to politeness. It
would not be nice, if we had not come,’ he said.

Asked to comment on Galust Sahakyan’s statement that the RPA has
invited forces with which it is cooperating, Vardanyan said the ruling
party representative gave a wrong definition. `We are opposition,
opposition cannot back the candidacy of authorities,’ he said.

Asked about the possibility of ARF-D joining the coalition after the
elections, Vardanyan said it is possible only in exclusive conditions.

`ARF-D is opposition and will stay so, I cannot say what developments
will be in future. As of today, the ARF-D has no wish to rejoin the
coalition,’ he said.

Referring to the circumstance of having own candidate at the upcoming
presidential elections, the MP said everything will be clear after
December 25, when ARF-D convenes the Supreme Assembly.

From: A. Papazian