2015 A landmark in international recognition of Armenian Genocide

2015 A landmark in international recognition of Armenian Genocide –
President Sargsyan

December 15, 2012 | 14:13

YEREVAN.- 2015 will be a landmark in condemnation and recognition of
the Armenian Genocide for all Armenians worldwide and all progressive
mankind, President Serzh Sargsyan said.

Armenians will consolidate their efforts to take Genocide recognition
to a new dimension, he said addressing the delegates of Republican
Party’s special congress.

President Sargsyan noted that Armenia’s involvement in the
international processes is more expansive, dynamic and interdependent
than ever.

`Multilateral and bilateral cooperation is developing. Armenia is
developing relationship with almost all leading world states, the
centers and the regions of power,’ he emphasized.

He pointed out the key problems Armenia will focus on, among them new
momentum to international recognition of the Armenian Genocide,
development of partner relations with Russia, development and
expansion of friendly partnership with the U.S., continuation of the
policy of European integration, strengthening of relations with the
European countries.

‘We are carrying out a foreign policy in a way that any citizen of
Armenia must feel protected anywhere in the world,’ Sargsyan said.