The Way Opens For Robert Kocharyan

The Way Opens For Robert Kocharyan

19:06 12/12/2012
Story from News:

Gagik Tsarukyan’s withdrawal from the presidential election seems to
have closed the chapter of the result of the election 2013. However,
in a medium-term and long-term perspective it leads to something
interesting – Robert Kocharyan’s political way will open.

The withdrawal of Tsarukyan who used to say that he has half a million
voters and is ready to lose his property actually closed his epoch in
the political life of Armenia. At the same time, Vartan Oskanian’s
epoch is also about to end while it barely started. The ex-foreign
minister has a chance to change the situation through abrupt moves and
enhance his political viability but one doubts that he will take those

Now it is Levon Ter-Petrosyan’s turn. Either he will run in the
presidential election or provide a reason to withdraw. In both cases
Ter-Petrosyan will have performed the last act of his second
appearance. In one case the act will proceed faster that in the other
case. Thus Levon Ter-Petrosyan’s epoch will end as well.

This is what Robert Kocharyan is waiting for. After Tsarukyan,
Oskanian and Ter-Petrosyan there will not be a second opinion that
only he can return and change the situation. Change is used in a
relative sense but it is also clear what public perception will be if
the current social and economic situation and moral and psychological
atmosphere continues.

>From this point of view, Robert Kocharyan will perhaps try to push
Ter-Petrosyan to run in the election but not through explicit
statements. An intention of shadow support to him may be circulated.
If Ter-Petrosyan sees no alternative to not running in the election,
this intention will favor him by mitigating the failure of the last
year and pretending as if Tsarukyan, Oskanian and Kocharyan will
support him tacitly.

Furthermore, for the majority of the society with mentality and
psychology of the soviet period tacit support is more eloquent than
the empty shop window.

The current process will lead to the removal of stones out of Robert
Kocharyan’s return unless Armenia has a breakthrough, a large-scale
dynamic process of social, civil and political modernization. In
addition, those stones are intentionally or intentionally leaving his
way one after the other.

This is not to toll horror, and Kocharyan is not the problem. If the
alternative will again have to be the return, it will be just another
excuse for past mistakes, and future will never be built again. Such
is the nature of alternative, independent from the names that are
carrying it, especially in Armenia which has no political culture and
social and state traditions.