PAP decision not to affect political agenda – MP

PAP decision not to affect political agenda – MP

18:45 – 12.12.12

The Prosperous Armenia party’s (PAP) decision not to nominate its
leader for presidency or back any candidate cannot affect the
political forces’ agenda, says an opposition lawmaker.

Speaking to, Aghvan Vardanyan of the Armenian Revolutionary
Federation Dashnaksutyun said their party is going move forward with
its proposed plan regardless of the PAP’s decision.

`We are moving ahead, to our Supreme Assembly, along the path we have
chosen. Our activities are public. The consultations are held in a
public manner, so you are aware of everything,’ he said.

But Vardanyan declined to comment on the PAP electorate’s possible
choice in the upcoming election. `I am not in the habit of speaking on
people’s behalf,’ he said, without giving further comment on the PAP’s

From: Baghdasarian