Sole Positive Change In Aleppo Is Water Supply


16:33, 10 December, 2012

YEREVAN, DECEMBER 10, ARMENPRESS. There is no electricity in Armenian
populated Aleppo. Also the telephone connection does not function
properly. Press Secretary of the Armenian National Prelacy of Aleppo
Jirayr Reisian informed “Armenpress” about this. In addition he said
that several districts of Aleppo were provided with electricity on
December 9, although at night the city was again drawn in darkness.

The sole positive change in Aleppo refers to water supply, which has
been restored few days ago. Also Reisian informed us that bread is
of a great concern in Aleppo, bakehouses are not functioning as well.

Cold weather reigns in Aleppo and one can meet people, who make fire
on the streets in order not to catch a cold, frequently enough.

Syrian-Armenian Nazareth Elmajian stated that there are no Armenians
left in the city of Homs and no Armenian is listed among the casualties
in the city. In accordance with the information published in the
Syrian mass media on December 10 the rebels bombed the Armenian
district of Homs, which caused death of four citizens. A number of
civilians were wounded.

Clashes in Syrian lasting more than 21 months caused the death of about
40 thousand people. Unfortunately this number is increasing day by day.