No Effective Human Rights Mechanisms In Armenia – Rights Activist


While human rights are commonly violated worldwide, in Armenia there
are no effective remedies to guarantee their protection , according
to an Armenian rights activist.

“We still have a lot of unsettled problems,” Edmon Marukyan, a member
of Armenia’s National Assembly, told a news conference on Monday.

“Courts keep resorting to detention as a precautionary measure,
and that creates crowding in the penitentiaries, causing problems
in terms of space, clean air etc. I recently got familiarized with
legal judiciary reforms. I have to call for rapid efforts to bring
them to an end.”

As positive achievements, Marukyan referred to the more transparent
work of the government bodies and their more sensitive approach to
the Armenian citizens.

Avetik Ishkhanyan, the Armenian Helsinki Committee’s president also
attending the news conference, agreed that human rights violations
are committed in all countries across the globe, but he said very
few of them see the abuses occur repeatedly.

“Many countries are not even aware of the existence of human
rights centers as they never need them. In very rare cases do
NGOs have a success, but we do not have a separation of powers in
Armenia. Without an independent judiciary, the protection of human
rights is impossible,” he said.