Prices Will Grow, Shadow Will Remain The Same


Story from News:

17:17 05/12/2012

“The 2013 budget has been approved with slight exceptions. It has no
development motivation, no projects”, said Hrant Bagratyan, NA ANC
member, foreign prime minister to

Recall today the parliament adopted the 2013 budget draft though the
opposition was dissatisfied with it. Hrant Bagratyan says the new
budget will lead to price increases by 4-4.5%, while the salaries
and pensions paid by the budget won’t grow. More, the shadow economy
level will remain the same. The revenues-GDP ratio won’t change.

“Besides all the shortcomings and unacceptable mistakes already voiced,
I would like to add one more. This is becoming more essential.

The close people of the president, prime minister, government members,
parliamentary majority are engaged in business. So, when I make a good
proposal, which does not cost anything to the budget, they disagree
with it. For example, my initiative to set the minimum salary 72 500
AMD. The government denied my proposal though it would not cost much.

Believe me the reason for the refusal was that the government does not
care for the budget but only their personal business interests. In
this sense, there are several MPs who voice the people’s issues in
the parliament, while in the government there is no one. It fully
serves the interests of the bourgeoisie”, said Hrant Bagratyan.

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