Deputy Police Chief’s Son Collided Sheep Flock On His Car. Only Shee


2012-12-03 01:08:51

Today December 2nd there was an accident in Armavir region. At about
17.30pm the inhabitant of 38a Vazgen, Echmiadzin town, Armavir region,
Vardan Khmelyan 21 years old, driving Mercedes-Benz C180 model car with
91 QO 001 license plate number, on 33km of Yerevan-Armavir highway,
on the road between the “Arshaluys” restaurant complex belonging the
MP of NA and the head of “Erkrapah Volunteers” Manvel Grigoryan and
hippodrome collided the car of the same model with 32 Õ~MÕ~U 041
license plate number belonging to the inhabitant of 14Avan str.,
Yerevan Grigor hHakobyan 22 years old.

As informs after the accident V. Khlemyan crushed the
sheep flock passing the road as a result 8 sheep died. There is no
human losses or injured.

The crowed at the place of the accident told that before the arrival
of the employees of the 1st platoon of the 2nd officer battalion of
Traffic Police leaded by Captain Grigor Grigoryan, some young man that
came to scene of the accident for V. Khlemyan tried to take away car
license plate number, later they tried to convince the TP officers
that arrived at the scene that the driver was someone else. But they
didn’t succeed.

Media reports that V. Khlemyan’s father is the Deputy Police Chief
of Armavir regional department.

In connection with this materials are to be prepared by the
investigator of 1st platoon of the 2nd officer battalion of Traffic
Police Edgar Nazaryan.

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