A.Hajili: Interest To The Karabakh Conflict In The Usa Decreased


Tuesday, December 4, 16:28

ArmInfo-Turan. “In America, the interest to Azerbaijan has grown
significantly, as compared to a few years ago. At the same time,
Washington’s main priorities remain the same: democracy, energy and
security. Although, unfortunately interest to the Karabakh conflict
decreased slightly,” said the chief of staff of “Musavat” party,
Arif Hajili, who is currently in the USA, in his interview with the
Washington correspondent.

“Ten years ago, when I was in the USA, all were interested in the
Karabakh conflict. Then there was a special Department for the Karabakh
conflict. Now the attention is focused on Iran,” said Hajili.

He does not agree with the statements of the Azerbaijani authorities
that time works for Azerbaijan and considers it propaganda cliches.

Hajili is in the USA at the invitation of organizations dealing with
democracy and human rights issues.

The purpose of the visit is to exchange views on the situation in
the country before the presidential elections in 2013.

“During the meetings I had discussions on the problem of South
Azerbaijan. I met with many scientists, representatives of various
institutions and officials. Meetings continue,” said Hajili.

Commenting on the activation of lobbyists of Azerbaijani power in
the USA and the activities of the SOCAR, Hajili said that he had met
“not with lobbyists, who make efforts to provide reign of democracy
in Azerbaijan.”

From: Baghdasarian

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