‘Bad’ News For Maternity Hospitals: End Of Arbitrary Pricelists


Tue, 11/27/2012 – 15:29

Visits free of charge since December 1

In accordance with the RA Healthcare Minister decision No 2731-A from
November 27 the paid service in the maternity medical institutions,
as well as unified procedure of visiting the new mothers and newly
born children was defined. ‘Pastinfo.am’ was informed about it by
the Ministry Press Service.

The command defines that the medical institutions realizing
maternal support in the scope of the state order can provide a paid
non-medical service in the form of providing private rooms in the
medical institutions (only for one new mother/newly born child)
with additional territory and comfortable facilities including the
corresponding conditions for the care-taker (separate bed, hygiene
facilities etc).

The prices for this paid service are defined by the authorities of
the medical institution. However, it should not exceed AMD 10, 15 and
20 thousand. At the same time, the pricelist of paid services should
be placed in the reception of medical institutions in a visible place
as well as at the official webpage.

The same command defines certain demands and requirements to the
medical institutions realizing maternal care in the scope of the
state order:

1) The share of the paid beds for new mothers and newly born children
cannot exceed 1/3 of the total number of the beds of the maternity

2) The paid patient’s rooms should be provided (the newly born
child/new mother or their official representative) on the basis of
the agreement between the patient and the medical institution

3) Plates indicating ‘Paid’ or ‘Unpaid’ should be placed on the doors
of the patient’s rooms

4) Guiding with respect to choosing paid rooms and/or suggesting paid
room due to the lack of free beds in unpaid rooms. In such cases the
medical institution must provide a paid patient room on unpaid basis
until there will be a free bed in the unpaid room

At the same time the medical institutions providing maternal care in
the scope of the state order will have to improve the conditions of
the rooms in the maternity department guided by the standards provided
in the command.

In accordance with the same decision of the Minister the visits to
the new mothers and newly born children will be organized free of
charge in the medical institutions providing maternal care in the
scope of the state order.

The visits must be arranged by means of visit cards, providing to
each newly born child’s visitor’s personal visit card’ for two and
in some cases by the decision of the authorities for three persons
by the choice of the new mother.

The Minister Doumanyan assigned creation of separate conditions (room,
corner) in order to organize the visits of the new mothers/newly born
out of the patient’s room.

The command requires to confirm and to place the internal order
regarding the visits and the presented limitation at the reception
and the main entrances, as well as the institution’s webpage â[email protected]¢
visits to be allowed between 15:00 PM and 21:00 pm â[email protected]¢ visits to be
forbidden for the people suffering from acute infectious diseases;
persons in obviously unstable psychological condition; persons with
epidemic diseases and children below 15

The limitations defined by the command do not spread on the
gynecological and pregnancy pathology departments.

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From: Baghdasarian

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