Sharmazanov Slams Officials In Turkey, Azerbaijan Over "Absurd State


NEWS | 21.11.12 | 10:48

Deputy Speaker of the Armenian Parliament Eduard Sharmazanov has
brushed aside fresh accusations against Yerevan made in Turkey where
Armenia is seen as occupying Azeri lands.

The most recent statement to that effect was made by Cemil Cicek,
the speaker of the Turkish Parliament, during a meeting with Chairman
of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly Riccardo Migliori.

In his reaction to the statement, Sharmazanov said: “It seems that
Turkish and Azerbaijani officials have started a competition of absurd
statements. The statement by the Turkish parliament speaker is evidence
that the country remains faithful to its policy of lies and falsehood.”

“Refreshing the memory of the Turkish official, I would like to
underline that Turkey has committed genocide against Christian nations,
Armenians, Greeks, Assyrians. Turkey is the one that occupied the
northern part of now EU member Cyprus, where murderer [of an Armenian
officer at NATO-sponsored courses in Hungary] Ramil Safarov underwent
military trainings. With the help of official Ankara Azerbaijan was
able to occupy some NKR territories. The conclusion is that sometime
it is more beneficial to keep silence not to appear in a ridiculous
situation,” emphasized the Armenian official.

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