$130-150 Thousand Needed Annually For Complete Excavation Of Karabak

$130-150 Thousand Needed Annually For Complete Excavation Of Karabakh’s Tigranakert, Head Of Excavation Group Says


At least two months in a year and $130-150 thousand annually are
necessary for making complete excavations in Karabakh’s Tigranakert,
head of archeological excavation group Hamlet Petrosyan told the
reporters on Friday.

“The program has been approved in 2005, in 2007 stationary excavations
launched that may last for tens of years. Till now we have excavated
2-3% of Tigranakert,” he said, adding that starting from 2008 the
excavations have been funded by Karabakh government which allocates
20 million drams annually.

Petrosyan said declaration of Tigranakert and its study as a priority
does not pass smooth with complications varying.

“We have also initiated creation of an NGO and I am sure that the
business circle will assist us and help in solution of some financial
issues,” Hamlet Petrosyan said, adding that they expect certain raise
in funds to be able to start international recognition process.

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