The Movie About Loris Tjeknavorian Won The First Prize In Tehran Fil


YEREVAN, NOVEMBER 12, ARMENPRESS. In the 6th Tehran Documentary Film
Festival movie “October 13, 1937” about world famous Armenian composer
and conductor Loris Tjeknavorian won the first prize. The movie has
been directed by Iranian filmmaker Baktash Abtin. In a conversation
with “Armenpress” Loris Tjeknavorian stated that the film was rather
interesting for the audience. In frames of the 6th Tehran Documentary
Film Festival the movie has been shown two times. He said: “I liked
the film very much, as it was telling about me and my family, the
Armenian people and the past of Armenia.”

As to the choice of the title of the film the famous composer
stated that it symbolizes the date of his birth. Loris Tjeknavorian
gained international recognition. He has made a number of records,
that received positive appreciation from the critics. He conducted a
number of leading orchestras. Among them are London Symphony Orchestra,
the London Philharmonic Orchestra, the Halle Orchestra, the Helsinki
Philharmonic Orchestra, the American Symphony Orchestra in New York,
the Tehran Symphony Orchestra, the Johannesburg Symphony Orchestra,
the Haifa Symphony Orchestra, the Mexico Symphony Orchestra, the
London Percussion Virtuosi, the Strasbourg Percussion Ensemble,
English Chamber Orchestra, etc…

Loris Tjeknavorian noted: “The new film also tells about pilgrimage
to Gyumri, after the earthquake, as well as the first stage of
independence of Armenia.” The renowned composer has his great
contribution in the independence of the Republic of Armenia as well.

The composer organized a big concert to support the independence
entitled “Yes to Independence”.

“October 13, 1937” is supposed to be introduced to the Armenian
audience in frames of International Film Festival “Golden Apricot”
this year.

From: A. Papazian