No I.D, No Pension: 75 Year-Old Woman Faces Eviction from Trailer

No I.D, No Pension: 75 Year-Old Woman Faces Eviction from Trailer Narek

19:22, November 2, 2012

By anyone’s standards, 75 year-old Zemfira Aghajanyan has fallen on hard

For the past several years, Mrs. Aghajanyan has been living in a metal
trailer parked on a street in the community of Erebouni.

Neighbors do what they can to help the senior citizen get by. Some claim
that that local agencies treat Mrs. Aghajanyan with contempt.

Since Mrs. Aghajanyan lacks any identification papers, she cannot get any
even an old age pension.

Sousanna Ter-Sahakyan resides on the same street as Mrs. Aghajanyan. She
frequently stops by to see how the senior is getting along. Sousanna even
hired an attorneyto
retrieve Mrs. Aghajanyan’s documents from the state archives.

Mrs. Ter-Sahakayn says that when she escorted her neighbour to the passport
division, officials scoffed at the senior and didn’t raise a hand to help.

The district social services division found a copy of Mrs. Aghajanyan’s medical
promised to hand them over to the attorney.

Mrs. Ter-Sahakyan notes that because the old woman has taken in a number of
stray cats and dogs, other neighbours might file a nuisance complaint with
the Erebouni Municipality.

`The trailer is really a mess. The town might condemn the place and Mrs.
Aghajanyan might be forced out onto the street to spend her last remaining
days,’ Ter-Sahakyan told me.

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