Georgia To Enhance Relations With Azerbaijan, Armenia And Turkey, Fi


Wednesday, October 24, 13:32

A balanced regional policy to provide Georgia with the function to
unite Caucasian interest is contained in the government programme
entitled ‘For a strong, democratic, united Georgia’, Trend reports.

It is being discussed by new members of the government in parliamentary
committees and factions.The voting on new government staff will be
held in Parliament on October 25.

According to the programme, firstly Georgia intends to intensify its
relations with Azerbaijan, Armenia and Turkey to express the Caucasian
interests. Georgia will also seek to establish a dialogue with Russia
by using the international mechanisms. The future government stressed
that the priorities of Georgia’s foreign policy is a desire to join
the EU, the Euro-Atlantic orientation and integration into NATO.

Contributing to international military operations is considered as
one of essential components of protecting national interests. The
U.S is mentioned as Georgia’s key ally in the government’s programme.

“Georgia with its peacekeeping policy will become a reliable and
predictable partner of the international community,” the programme

The future Georgian government thinks that one of the conditions to
facilitate a comprehensive settlement of the conflicts is strengthening
democratic institutions and public diplomacy. “It is necessary to
start the negotiations on security assurances,” the new government’s
programme said. “Their mechanism must be created in the format of
the OSCE and the UN.”

It is planned to change the principles of Abkhazia’s and South
Ossetia’s governments’ activity operating in Tbilisi.

Earlier leader of the Georgian Dream coalition which won the recent
parliamentary elections, Bidzina Ivanishvili proposed candidates
for ministers in the new Georgian government. Ivanishvili intends to
become prime minister.

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