The Independent: Photograph Links Germans To 1915 Armenian Genocide


01:02 22.10.2012

The Independent has published a newly discovered picture, which shows
Kaiser’s officers at the scene of Turkish atrocity. The photograph
– never published before – was apparently taken in the summer of
1915. Human skulls are scattered over the earth. “They are all that
remain of a handful of Armenians slaughtered by the Ottoman Turks
during the First World War. Behind the skulls, posing for the camera,
are three Turkish officers in tall, soft hats and a man, on the far
right, who is dressed in Kurdish clothes. But the two other men are
Germans, both dressed in the military flat caps, belts and tunics
of the Kaiserreichsheer, the Imperial German Army. It is an atrocity
snapshot – just like those pictures the Nazis took of their soldiers
posing before Jewish Holocaust victims a quarter of a century later.

“Did the Germans participate in the mass killing of Christian Armenians
in 1915? This is not the first photograph of its kind; yet hitherto
the Germans have been largely absolved of crimes against humanity
during the first holocaust of the 20th century. German diplomats in
Turkish provinces during the First World War recorded the forced
deportations and mass killing of a million and a half Armenian
civilians with both horror and denunciation of the Ottoman Turks,
calling the Turkish militia-killers “scum”. German parliamentarians
condemned the slaughter in the Reichstag,” The Independent writes.

The paper notes that it was the Armenian Genocide Museum Institute
and its energetic director, Hayk Demoyan, which discovered this latest
photograph. It was found with other pictures of Turks standing beside
skulls, the photographs attached to a long-lost survivor’s testimony.

All appear to have been taken at a location identified as “Yerznka”
– the town of Erzinjan, many of whose inhabitants were murdered on
the road to Erzerum.

The full article published by The Independent can be found here.

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