Exhibition Of Works By Parajanov Is Held In Moscow


YEREVAN, OCTOBER 22, ARMENPRESS. Exhibition of works by world known
film director Sergey Parajanov entitled “The Home, Where I Live” in
“New Manejka” in Moscow will be open for visitors till the end of
November. There are more than 71 works by Parajanov in the exhibition.

In a conversation with “Armenpress” director of Memorial-Museum of
Sergey Parajanov Zaven Sargsyan mentioned that after a break lasting
9 years exhibition of works of the prominent film director is a
great success.

Sargsyan said: “First exhibition of works by Parajanov in Moscow
took place in 1993, ten years later in 2003 and the last one entitled
“The Home, Where I Live” was held 9 years before this”.

In Zaven Sargsyan’s opinion the choice of the title is not accidental:
it has been chosen to look more familiar to the people. Sargsyan added:
“Alongside with the exhibition movies “The Color of Pomegranates”,
“The Shadows of the Forgotten Ancestors” by Sergey Parajanov and
a documentary movie about the great film director have been shown
in Moscow”.

Photo exhibition of works be Sergey Parajanov was held in the city of
Busan, South Korea on October 5-11. They are also planning exhibitions
in Krasnodar and Vilnius.

In frames of the 35th International Movie Festival in San Paolo the
exhibition of works by Sergey Parajanov in 2011was proclaimed as one
of the outstanding events in the cultural life of the city.

Sergey Parajanov was Georgian-born Armenian film director and artist,
who significantly contributed to Ukrainian, Armenian and Georgian

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