Kocharyan’s Horse Move


Story from Lragir.am News:

Published: 16:35:04 – 18/10/2012

Robert Kocharyan is not only a possible nominee for president, which
is theoretical rather than a practical prospect, but also an obstacle.

Kocharyan’s name causes public mistrust or aversion towards any
political force he is related to.

He is the father of the oligarchic system of Armenia. Under his office
this system was institutionalized, economic quotas were distributed,
monopolies and oligopolies were defined, anti-constitutional home and
foreign rules were drafted, vote buying techniques were improved and
March 1 with 10 deaths took place.

Robert Kocharyan’s name, at least during the next few years, cannot
boost the rating of any political force, on the contrary.

For instance, the image of Vartan Oskanian as a candidate for president
is outlining in the political field of Armenia. But Robert Kocharyan’s
name is one of the obstacles to the perfection of this image.

There is nothing official about their connection but most people
think they are related. Vartan Oskanian will most probably be unable
to eliminate Robert Kocharyan’s impact on his name.

Robert Kocharyan has a lot to do about this. He has never said he is
guiding Oskanian. Moreover, he has always denied any relation to him
and the PAP, though, on the other hand, his hints on some links have
always been quite visible.

But ahead of the presidential elections, the most urgent question is
Robert Kocharyan’s elimination and hiding relations with Oskanian.

In this sense, Robert Kocharyan has a good chance to kill two birds
with one stone. He only needs to support Serzh Sargsyan. Thus, he will
free Oskanian from association with him and will send Serzh Sargsyan
into a difficult situation.

At first sight, this trick seems primitive but what can Serzh Sargsyan
do if Kocharyan suddenly supports him? His propaganda machine will
be unable to find a counterargument against Oskanian. It will appear
as if Serzh Sargsyan facilitates Kocharyan’s revenge.

After all, there is simplicity, even childish clarity, under every
strong step. Sometime, it is so evident that no one expects serious
steps. And then they have to handle the consequences.

So, the best possible support by Kocharyan to Oskanian would be
support to Serzh Sargsyan.

From: A. Papazian


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