US Presidential Candidates Tired Of Fooling Armenian Community – Arf

October 17, 2012 | 05:18

YEREVAN. – At present, the Armenian National Committee of America
(ANCA) does not intend to support any of the US presidential candidates
because none of the parties responded to ANCA’s proposals with respect
to the Nagorno-Karabakh issue, the problems of Javakhk Armenians,
and the Armenian Genocide, Giro Manoyan-Director of the International
Secretariat of the Armenia’s opposition ARF Dashnaktsutyun Party Bureau
and Head of the Armenian Cause Office-told Armenian

Manoyan noted that ANCA expressed a willingness to support any one of
the parties based on their position concerning the aforesaid matters.

“ANCA’s support means the support of the American-Armenian community,”
he said.

In response to the query as to why none of the US presidential hopefuls
has given the traditional pledge of recognizing the Armenian Genocide,
Giro Manoyan stated that the candidates are already aware that it
is no longer possible to deceive the expectations of the Armenian
community of America and to not fulfill pre-election promises. “The
current candidates prefer not to make unachievable promises,” the
ARF representative noted.

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