Settlement of the Karabakh problem is hands of today’s generation

Vestnik Kavkaza, Russia
Oct 16 2012

Settlement of the Karabakh problem is hands of today’s generation

16 October 2012 – 10:01am


The Forum of Azerbaijani youth organization of Russia `AMOR – uniting
hearts’ came to an end in Moscow. More than 500 delegates participated
in it, as well as honored guests and officials from governments and
presidential administrations of Russia and Azerbaijan.

`Studying in Russian universities, working in Russian companies,
living in Moscow, St.-Petersburg, and other Russian cities, you remain
Azerbaijanis always,’ the head of the State Duma Committee on the CIS
affairs and contacts with compatriots, Leonid Slutsky, told the
participants. `It is difficult to overestimate the role of programs
developed and implemented by AMOR, which unite hearts and numerous
young Azerbaijanis in Russia and show people in Russia, Azerbaijan,
and abroad what a comfortable life Azerbaijani young people have in

Speaking about problems which appear in Russia for Azerbaijanis,
Slutsky admitted that they are various: `Household problems, problems
with studying, employment, and defining your place in today’s
difficult life, fulfilling potential of a young talented person. Today
AMOR fulfils a significant task and gives an opportunity for
realization of serious creative potential to everybody. The programs
adopted by Leila Aliyeva [the vice-president of Heydar Aliyev Fund,
the chairwoman of AMOR] and her colleagues are directed at the future
of young Azerbaijanis.’ Remembering those who might be a good example,
Slutskly recalled Heydar Aliyev: `Things which were founded by the
initiator of the current Azerbaijani statehood are being implemented
by President of the Azerbaijani Republic Ilham Aliev today. Often very
complicates tasks are fulfilled. The counter-poverty program for more
than million people who appeared to be internally displaces persons
gives a wonderful example not only to the CIS countries, but also to
the whole world in the sphere of settling humanitarian problems after
difficult military situations. The counter-poverty program was very
effective in Azerbaijan. Today Azerbaijan is establishing economy on
the basis of knowledge. The country is an example for us who are
working on support of the CIS and the Eurasian project. Things which
are implemented in Azerbaijan are reflected in the active attitude of
young Azerbaijanis in their native country and abroad. I am glad to
see inspired faces, smart eyes of young people who realize what they
want in this life and what tasks they have to solve.’

Commenting on the Karabakh problem, Slutsky stated: `It is a bleeding
problem and we must not leave its settlement to our children and
grandchildren. The problem should be solved today. Those who live in
Nagorno-Karabakh today, in seven occupied districts around Karabakh:
Agdam, Fizuli, Zangelan, Lubatly, Dzhebrail, Kelbadzhar, Lachin; those
who had to leave their native towns expect an effective and
professional settlement of this difficult problem which couldn’t be
solved for 20 years from today’s generation, from us who are sitting
in this hall today. I believe that certain steps for settlement of the
main problem of the South Caucasus, the problem of Nagorno-Karabakh,
is around the corner. It is a delicate process. Any unprepared,
thoughtless interference in the process might ruin everything. Young
Azerbaijanis in Azerbaijan, Russian, and the world take part in
settlement of this problem with all their hearts and souls. And this
conflict will be settled in the nearest years.

I want Azerbaijani young people who live in the civil society of
Russia to study, work and make friends intensively – it is a basis for
relations between you and your friends who represent other ethnic
groups, religions, and this is the basis for our tolerant and
peaceful, progressive future where our nations would be together. AMOR
pays great attention to cultural programs today. It is true that
culture, creative work and even songs are an integral part of the
Azerbaijani people. This culture contains those ties which connect us
with our children, with our future generations who will live in great
Azerbaijan and great Russia.’

From: Baghdasarian

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