Time has come for Armenian soldiers to leave Karabakh – Aliyev

Interfax, Russia
Oct 4 2012

Time has come for Armenian soldiers to leave Karabakh – Azeri president

BAKU. Oct 4

Armenia ought to abide by international organizations’ resolutions and
withdraw its forces from Azerbaijan’s occupied territory as part of
efforts to settle the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict peacefully, Azeri
President Ilham Aliyev said.

“The time has come to resolve this conflict. Armenia should obey the
norms of international law and withdraw its troops from the Azeri
land, after which genuine peace and stability will be restored in the
region,” Aliyev said at an international humanitarian forum in Baku on

International organizations have adopted numerous decisions in support
of Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity, the president said.

“But, regrettably, we lack a mechanism to put these decisions into
practice, which is disrupting trust in them and their implementation,”
Aliyev said.

Four resolutions adopted by the UN Security Council and other
international organizations demanding that Armenian soldiers leave
Azerbaijan’s territories have not been implemented yet, he said,
blaming the Armenian leadership’s attempt to maintain the status quo
for it.

“However, this status quo cannot last forever. It will be changed. We
would like to do it peacefully because Azerbaijan is playing a
stabilizing role in the region today. We would like to avoid any
disruption to stability,” the president said.

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From: Baghdasarian

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