Oppositionist: Depriving Oskanian Of Deputy Immunity Is A Political


Tuesday, October 2, 17:47

The process of depriving the ex-foreign minister, member of the
Prosperous Armenia Party (PAP) Vartan Oskanian of his deputy immunity
is a political game, Leader of the New Times Party Aram Karapetyan
said at today’s press conference.

He thinks that the case of Oskanian may have three scenarios. Under the
first scenario, the Armenian authorities promote Oskanian’s candidacy
as an opponent to the incumbent President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan,
and Oskanian will easily give his votes to Sargsyan. “But Oskanian,
as a candidate, is too vulnerable, one can easily reproach him for
the March 1 tragic events, consequently, it is not clear why the
authorities have chosen him”, Karapetyan said.

Under the second scenario, the PAP makes advantage of the excitement
around Oskanian and is trying to join the opposition and nominate
its own candidate. According to the third scenario, this is a game of
superpowers, specifically, Russia and the USA. Karapetyan said that
Oskanian is a pro-Western politician, and the PAP is a pro-Russian
party; consequently, one of them should change its orientation,
but it is not clear yet who will do that.

To note, today Vartan Oskanian was deprived of his deputy immunity. 64
members of the parliament voted for and six – against, and one ballot
was considered invalid. The total of 71 members of the parliament
from the ruling Republican Party of Armenia and “Orinats Yerkir”
party took part in the voting. All the opposition parties as well as
the “Prosperous Armenia” Party boycotted the voting.

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