US Congress to touch upon Armenian Genocide in the end of November

US Congress to touch upon Armenian Genocide in the end of November

10:09, 28 September, 2012

YEREVAN, SEPTEMBER 28, ARMENPRESS: 92 congressmen of the United States
House of Representatives support the bill on the Armenian Genocide. In
the Senate the number of the supporters is 17. As Armenpress was
reported by the Press Secretary of the Armenian National Committee of
America (ANCA) Elizabeth Chuljyan, continuous works were carried out
to increase the number of supporters of the bill on the Armenian
Genocide via letters, regular meetings and flyers.

“The forthcoming presidential elections of the USA as well will become
a chance for the American Armenian community to voice the issues of
the Armenian Genocide, Nagorno Karabakh conflict regulation and many
other issues, so that the current congressmen and their rival
candidates get acquainted with them”, – said the Press Secretary
Elizabeth Chuljyan.

According to Chuljyan, the issue of the Genocide will be discussed in
the US Congress in the end of November, as everybody is currently
involved in the election struggle.”In the end of November it will be
the next opportunity, that the congressmen, senators and the members
of the US House of Representatives discuss the issue”, – said
Elizabeth Chuljyan.

In 2010 the Committee for Foreign Affairs of the US House of
Representatives of the Congress adopted the draft resolution N252
recognizing the Armenian Genocide. Nevertheless, the bill was not
included in the plenary session agenda of the Congress. The bill was
developed and submitted to the Committee of the US House of
Representatives under the patronage of the congressmen Adam Schiff,
George Radanovich and Co-Chairs of the Committee for Armenian Issues
of the Congress Frank Pallone and Mark Kirk.

The bill N252 appeals to the US President “to provide that the foreign
policy of the United States reflects a proper understanding of the
Armenian Genocide, particularly issues on human rights, ethnic
cleansing and the Genocide, described in the protocols of the United
States”, as well as in its annual April 24 message, which demands: “to
properly define the systematic and planned extermination of 1,5
million of Armenians as a Genocide”.

In the annotations of the bill it is clearly mentioned: “The Armenian
Genocide was planned and implemented by the Ottoman Empire in
1915-1923, in the result of which two millions of Armenians were
deported. 1,5 of them were massacred, and the other half a million
were evicted from their homes. In the result of all these events the
2500-year presence of Armenians in their historical motherland was

The Committee for Foreign Affairs of the US House of Representatives
adopted bills with such content also in 2000, 2005 and 2007. Though
these bills were supported much in the Congress, they were not
included in the voting at the plenary session of the House of
Representatives, as the Presidents Bill Clinton and George Bush were
against the adoption of the bills, reasoning that the Turkish might do
response actions.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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