Music: Musaner: Jazz And World Music Fans Unite

WBUR – Radio Boston, MA
Sept 28 2012

Musaner: Jazz And World Music Fans Unite

By Radio Boston Staff September 28, 2012

Musaner means `the muses’ in Armenian. It’s also the name of a
Boston-based band that combines traditional Armenian folk melodies
with western jazz. The result is something that bridges east and west;
that’s both familiar and exotic, delicate and powerfully high energy.

Ara Sarkissian is the inspiration behind Musaner. Sarkissian, a
classically trained pianist from Armenia, started the band five years
ago with a collection of musicians from Boston with backgrounds in
jazz, classical, and even a couple musicians who play traditional
Armenian folk instruments, like the zurna, which sounds a bit like a
bag-pipe. Sarkissian says he wants the band to represent a true fusion
of musical influences.

Musaner will be playing Friday night at the Regatta Bar in Cambridge,
celebrating the release of their new album, `Once Upon A Time,’ and
their fifth anniversary as an ensemble.

From: Baghdasarian