Is War of Compromises Off?

Is War of Compromises Off?


Story from News:

Published: 11:11:33 – 20/09/2012

Robert Kocharyan’s former adviser, president’s representative in the
National Assembly up to recent times, Garnik Isagulyan made a
sensational statement in an interview with about a secret
list on the governmental `elite’ of all time. Garnik Isagulyan stated
that the Armenia-based Mher’s door organization has this list which
includes names of governmental figures of Armenia started from the
Karabakh committee up to nowadays as well as information on their
private and public activities. Isagulyan stated that according to that
list, over 17 billion has been taken out of Armenia since 1994.

Actually Isagulyan `revealed’ the Armenian `masons’. He states that
the amount of the information owned by Mher’s door is unavailable even
to the law enforcement and special bodies of Armenia.

Garnik Isgulyan is one of the most reliable people of Kocharyan’s
staff. Serzh Sargsyan started decreasing his importance. First, he
abolished the Institute of political studies headed by Isagulyan. Then
Serzh Sargsyan got rid of him as his adviser appointing him
president’s representative in NA. And quite recently, Serzh Sargsyan
gave this office to Viktor Dallakyan.

Days after this event, Isagulyan announces about the large-scale
compromise on the former and present governments of Armenia. Isagulyan
is surely not alone. Someone supports him.

The point is about quite a serious factor which may be a bomb in the
presidential elections. Consequently, there are local and foreign
subjects interested in the outcome of this story.

By the way, there were rumors on such a list also in 90ies, during
Ter-Petrosyan’s tenure when Garnik Isagulyan went underground during
the criminal persecution against the ARF Dashnaktsutyun.

Even if the list is just a bluff, it is not invented by Garnik
Isagulyan but other subjects because the effect may be very serious,
while Isagulyan could hardly have any reason to run such a great risk.

The fact that the list was mentioned right after Isagulyan had been
fired, hints that Robert Kocharyan stands behind this `disclosure’
since Isagulyan is considered a person of the Kocharyan wing for which
Serzh Sargsyan got rid of him little by little.

But when the point is about a list containing information since the
Karabakh committee, i.e. USSR, it becomes evident that Robert
Kocharyan would hardly have possibility to ensure such a scale of the
compromises. Only the special services of a country could own such
huge information. That country is surely not Armenia because here the
definition `special services’ is quite relative since these services
during the 90ies, maybe even up to now, were/are a branch of the
Russian services.

In other words, the sponsor of Garnik Isagulyan’s game is not Robert
Kocharyan but Moscow.

This game is apparently launched due to the Russian dissatisfaction
with Armenia’s friendly ties with the West. It is not ruled out that
in this context Serzh Sargsyan and the rest of the political class
will be blackmailed for Sargsyan to limit his flirt with the West and
act for Russian interests.

But there is one interesting nuance which creates grounds to view the
disclosure of the list from another angle.

This story is unveiled after Serzh Sargsyan’s consultation in the
government. This meeting was nothing else but an instruction to the
prime minister, prosecutor general and NSS head to restrain prior to
the presidential elections the capital that may be used for political
projects and plans against Serzh Sargsyan. Though no concrete names
are mentioned, but the owners of the names know very well what Serzh
Sargsyan means.

In this sense, the revelation of the compromise list may be viewed in
the context of `self-defense’: the capital is trying to defend itself
from Sargsyan’s instructions.

It is not ruled out that the `information sponsor’ is again Russia
which is trying to make the governmental intrigue in Armenia tenser
hence enhancing its influence on the election processes.

At the same time, there may be other possible versions. For example,
the `disclosure’ of the list of compromises may be initiated by Serzh
Sargsyan thinking that he can do that now or never prior to the
presidential elections. If this version is possible then Serzh
Sargsyan could finally show that he controls the situation and all
attempts to resist are vain. Here, the fact that Serzh Sargsyan has
long held the office of the minister of internal affairs and national
security may be interesting which could provide him with certain
information. Though, despite this circumstance, Russia’s help would
surely be necessary to own such a list.

Anyway, it is interesting that the list is revealed against the
background of dynamic foreign events around Armenia, when the Safarov
affair is still fresh, which, by the way, enabled the government to
call on the political forces for consolidation around Serzh Sargsyan.
It is also interesting that the information is revealed when there are
rumors on the group of Taliban terrorists in Armenia, which was not
refuted for a couple of hours after its spread but only in the second
half of the day.

This information harmed Russia’s presence in Armenia as the security
guarantor. Russian frontier troops are on the border with Armenia,
consequently, it is their mistake if terrorists could pass the border.
In this sense, it may sound unimaginable, but it should be ruled out
that the official Yerevan, with Washington’s support, /worth
mentioning the U.S. appeal to its citizens in Armenia to be alert
relating to possible terrorist attacks/, exchanged the information on
the Taliban in the result of hours of negotiations with the Russians’
list: Yerevan refuted, Russians gave the permission to partially
reveal the list.

There is one worrying question. Real wars are unfolded around Armenia
one of which touches the life and security of our compatriots in
Syria; there is danger of new wars, including the Karabakh issue,
which may touch also the lives and security of the Armenian citizens,
while the Armenian government is getting ready for the war of

Though, on the other hand, maybe it’s for the best. After all, it may
be beneficial for Armenia if this war is started and all the `saints’
are revealed. The point is that for a population of three million, for
the small Armenia, the `saints’ are too many and the society with the
burden of these `saints’ will find it hard to resist to the possible
military challenges.

Consequently, such lists are encouraged if they are disclosed up to
the end because when they are unrevealed, they become dangerous for
the country. This means the prosecutor general and the NSS need a new
`special instruction’ to find out what the list is about and if it
contains proves on illegalities and abuses, it should be considered at
the state level. And the managers of the list should explain why they
knew everything but didn’t let the society know about it.

And if all this is just a bluff, then it is necessary to reveal the
bluff because Armenia, as a country, unfortunately, is very often
unable to react equivalently to not only serious challenges but also
unserious bluffs.