That Ruben Hayrapetyan Behaved Like A Worm: Hranush Kharatyan


2012-09-11 14:51:37

In a meeting with reporters ethnographer Hranush Kharatyan touching
upon Ruben Hayrapetyan’s interview said: “His adversity is a clear
lying. He should have acted correctly not to blackmail the family. He
behaved like a worm, as hinted activists’ families. In his interview
being a man of this or that man is important.”

It’s ridiculous for Hranush Kharatyan spokesman’s announcement on Gagik
Tsarukyan’s phone call and considers that Tsarukyan could find the
reporter and learn the truth. “Ruben Hayrapetyan is frightened. He
tries to find public defense. He tries to politicize this social
movement, as he is also someone’s man.

In the interview he says we have financing sources, but I didn’t
meet anyone, didn’t talk to anyone, I’m not being financed,” Hranush
Kharatyan said.

Next speaker of the press conference technologist Karen Kocharyan,
touching upon the same interview, said: “Why don’t the charges enter
the court, if there is a charge, it should either be proved or blamed.

I have always been there and I haven’t been financed.”

And to the question of why the Police is silent on the
threats being announced, the political technologist answered surprised:
Do you wonder? Where did our Police respond to respond here?

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