Children play in industrial wastes

Children play in industrial wastes

07:59 pm | September 07, 2012 | Social

The wastes of Armanis gold mine are dumped in the yard of the local
school, while children play there. This information together with
attached photos is disseminated on Facebook social network by
Stepanavan Aarhus Center Coordinator, Chairman of EcoClub Manya

The schoolyard is a public territory with dumped wastes, which contain
toxic substances and heavy metals. But this is not the whole problem.
Manya Meliqjanyan has been raising the problem with environmental
pollution with Armanis gold processing plant and mines, particularly,
dumps to the Dzoraget River. The initiative group on saving Dzoraget
River has addressed a letter to Public Prosecutor Aghvan Hovsepyan
with a demand to take measures about “Sagamar” LLC developing Armanis
mine for the purpose of stopping pollution.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office forwarded the complaint to Lori
Regional Prosecutor K. Shahverdyan in its official reply. Reminder:
Nature Protection Ministry informed EcoLur that “Sagamar” LLC is in
the list of companies due to undergo inspection in 2012, says EcoLur

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