– Protester to Taron Margaryan: My Kid Doesn’t Have Any Clothes or S

`My Kid Doesn’t Have Any Clothes or Shoes, My Dear,’ a Protester Says to
Taron Margaryan (Video)

Aug 24
August 24, 2012 00:10

Residents of
the area on Buzand and Aram Streets to be exploited who had gathered
outside the Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) office, so to say, `caught
surprise’ Taron Margaryan, the mayor of Yerevan, after the RPA council
meeting. The mayor `got along’ with them. In any case, the residents were
satisfied and happy after the meeting.

Taron Margaryan asked a City Hall worker to write down everyone’s phone
number and assured that their
problem would be necessarily solved. A woman protester, a resident of the
community of Erebuni, approached him and told him with her eyes full of
tears that she had a schoolchild, `He doesn’t have any clothes or
my dear.’ The mayor asked whether she had applied to the City Hall. The
woman went, `Unless you tell them, the City Hall won’t solve that issue.’
Taron Margaryan ordered his workers, `Write down her phone number and you
will go to Artur Karapetyan tomorrow. You can go to Chorbulakh without
worrying and come to the City Hall tomorrow.’

According to one of the protesters, `I am a 60-year-old woman, I have no
job, nothing, how shall I make the payment, how shall I live, many of us
owe money to banks, pay interests.’

One of them demanded, `Mr. Margaryan, we don’t ask much from you, give
us our land, give us our 4 walls to live. If this issue is not solved,
I have decided to lock my door and leave Armenia.’

When we inquired of the mayor when those people’s problem would be
eventually solved, he explained, `A commission has been established in the
Ministry of Finance headed by
the minister. Representatives of all interested parties are involved in
that commission. The fact is being discussed; the commission will make
public its final decision after the discussion.’

In response to an observation of whether it wasn’t late to
discuss it after 8 years, he said, `The commission has just been
established and be sure that the commission will do everything to solve the

They made different promises, when they tried to turn people out of their
homes at the time. In response to this observation of ours, Taron Margaryan
said, `That is why a criminal case has been opened against those investors,
those owners who deceived our citizens and we will see the criminal case
through in accordance with the law.’


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