Fruit output this year may reach 305,000 tons: Deputy Minister

Armenia’s fruit output this year may reach 305,000 tons: Deputy Minister

YEREVAN, August 23. /ARKA/. Deputy Armenian minister of agriculture,
Samvel Galstian, said today total fruit output this year is expected
to be about 305,000 tons, up from 229,400 in 2011. According to him,
the anticipated rise is exceptionally due to favorable weather

Galstyan said according to preliminary data of the ministry, as of
August 20, farmers had gathered 70,150 tons of apricot, up from 42,800
tons last year. He said some 13,000 tons of apricots were exported
this year, up from 7,223 tons in 2011. Galstyan also noted that peach
output is twice of last year’s, but did not specify.

“This year we have negotiated with Georgia on facilitation of
procedures related to export of fruits,’ he said.

The deputy minister said also grape output is expected to grow to
240,000 metric tons against 230,000 tons last year.

“Today wine growers have actually no problems- we have a well
operating market with more than 25 processing companies, which are in
a healthy competition,” Galstyan said.

The deputy minister also said thanks to favorable weather conditions
the quality of Armenian grapes this year is very high.

Galstyan said the procurement price will be 120-130 drams per one kilo
of grape. ($1 – 410.52 drams). -0-

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