BAKU: Liabilities Of Armenian President And Refugee – Occupants

AzerTac, Azerbaijan
Aug 24 2012

Liabilities Of Armenian President And Refugee – Occupants

Friday, 24 August 2012 13:40


Every nation that has its own state also has liabilities to
compatriots living in different countries. For example, Russia said
that every Russian has the right to obtain citizenship of Russia and
move to Russia. Many states are helping their Diaspora organizations
and those compatriots, who are citizens of other countries.

One of the countries that officially declare its liabilities to
compatriots is Armenia. In a message to the participants of the 5th
Pan-Armenian educational conference, President Serzh Sargsyan stated:
“The Republic of Armenia, as the home for all Armenians, has an
obligation not only to their own citizens, but to the Diaspora
Armenians all over the world.”

After gaining independence, Armenia always needed the help of
Diaspora. A large community of Armenians, namely ethnic Armenians
living in Syria, came to a disastrous situation due to a civil war in
this country and asked Armenia for help.

Dangerous situation with Syrian Armenians was a chance for President
Sargsyan to show that after the collapse of the Soviet Union
independent Armenia can actually help the Diaspora.
And what did `the president of all Armenians’ Sargsyan do? He turned
the needy Armenian families, who could not even sell their flats in
Syria, into pawns in his political game around Nagorno Karabakh.
Sargsyan clearly understands that these refugees will never find home
in Zangelan, Lachin, Gubadli or any other town of Nagorno Karabakh.

Diaspora can be “proud” of such a president. Thanks to his efforts,
Syrian Armenians have become occupier colonists, because Yerevan,
against all international laws, started to settle them in the
territories of the Republic of Azerbaijan occupied by Armenia.

But there is also another side of the coin. Vice-president of the
Russian Academy of Geopolitical Problems, Ara Sargsyan (Chairman of
the Armenian branch), has recently returned from Syria. In an
interview to Yerkramas, he hit Turkey, accusing her of starting the
war in Syria.

Sargsyan’s fears are clear: the Armenian community is in difficult
position, because, on the one hand, civil war threatens its security,
and on the other hand, the Armenians have always supported the
Alawites. Having close relationship with Alawites, the Armenians are
concerned about the opponents of Alawites, who can come to power, as
the Armenian community may one day lose its privileges.

Accusing Turkey of violating international law, General Leonid
Ivashov’s assistant does not notice how these “civilian refugees”,
“law-abiding” Armenians from Aleppo, have turned into occupier
colonists, who shamelessly and without the permission of Baku occupied
Zengilan, Gubadly and Lachin regions of Azerbaijan.

In this situation, Armenians made an exhibition of themselves again,
moving Armenian refugees from Syria in the category of despicable

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