New comedy trailer for ‘My Uncle Rafael’ invents more Armenian reali
Aug 22 2012

New comedy trailer for ‘My Uncle Rafael’ invents more Armenian reality TV stars

There might be enough reality TV shows starring Armenians. In fact,
one could argue that the Kardashians alone have given us one too many.
The new comedy My Uncle Rafael doesn’t seem to think so, as it
revolves around another Armenian clan that decide to have their lives
constantly taped. A trailer for the film has just recently been

In the film, a desperate producer meets a charming, old Armenian uncle
and decides that his old-world, folksy viewpoint is the perfect thing
to connect with viewers and save her career. He is given a chance at
being a kind of live-in Dr. Phil to a white suburban family that’s
falling apart.

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The trailer gives off mixed signals. It makes the film seem like it
could be amusing and enduring, but then it changes from one kind of
comedy to another when the voiceover kicks in. Then it just seems too
quirky for its own good. Check out the trailer and proceed with

My Uncle Rafael opens in D.C. theaters on September 21 in a limited
release. Given that it’s a limited release, E Street Cinema might
house it locally if it opens here at all. The film stars Vahik
Pirhamaei, Anthony Clark, Rachel Blanchard, Joe Lo Truglio, Missi Pyle
and John Michael Higgins.

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