Armenian expert concerned over Lake Sevan’s fish resources

Armenian expert concerned over Lake Sevan’s fish resources
15:52 – 20.08.12

The SOS Sevan environmental protection initiative should focus its
attention on Lake Sevan’s fish resources, Bardukh Gabrielyan, Director
of the Institute of Hydroecology and Zoology, Armenian National
Academy of Sciences (ANAS), told journalists of Monday.

The lake’s fish resources have never been in such a disastrous state, he added.

`We have no recoverable fish resources except for crucian carp.
Whitefish has disappeared. Three or five years ago we said the
population might recover provided no fishing was done. But it is not
the case now,’ Gabrielyan said.

In 1970s, a ban was imposed on fishing lake trout as it was considered
an endangered species. `Fortunately, Armenia’s Ministry of Nature
Protection has elaborated a program in recent years. Under the program
fry is let into the lake for the purpose of recovering the trout
population in Lake Sevan. Full-grown fish have to spawn in rivers, but
they are caught before they reach the spawning area. It means that the
government is wasting money by purchasing fry from the private
sector,’ the scientist said.

He cited some figures: in 1980s fish resources in Lake Sevan totaled
10 to 11 thousand tons; in 1990s, 28 to 30 thousand tons; in 2000s
they were only 2,000 tons; in 2010, 170 tons, and last year, as little
as 8.5 tons.

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