Neither Opp nor Government of Syria displays negative attitude towar

Representative of Armenian community in Syria: Neither opposition nor
Government of Syria displays negative attitude towards Armenians

Tuesday, August 14, 19:58

The Armenians of Syria are in safety and they are not going to leave
Syria, Maral Eleyjyan-Manjikyan, the principal of an Armenian college
in Syria, told journalists.

Moreover, she pointed out that the Armenian community of Syria is not
endangered, as neither the opposition nor the Government of Syria
displays a negative attitude towards Armenians. She added that the
conflict in Syria mostly affects the financial state of Syrian
Armenians. But even in this case the Syrian Armenians have no
intention to leave the country forever. The families which have no
permanent job mostly migrate from the country, but the number of such
cases is very small.

For his part, Tigran Jinbashyan, member of the Armenian community in
Lebanon, said that it is more reasonable to organize training courses
for the children of Syria in Lebanon, not Armenia, given the
similarity in curricula and teaching methods.

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