Association Of Employers To Assist Syrian Armenians In Finding Job


6 August, 2012

YEREVAN, AUGUST 6, ARMENPRESS: Armenian Employers’ Association is
scheduled to envisage the issue of getting job for Syrian Armenians
jointly with Diaspora Ministry. As Employers’ Association President
Gagik Makaryan told Armenpress, the Association has already issued
a statement, where it expresses readiness to provide free of charge
advice to Syrian Armenians in running business in Armenia.

‘~R We are set to offer our compatriots job in services, fast food
industries, small industries, such as in eastern confectioner’s
production sector, where by the way Syrian Armenians are specialized’~R
the interlocutor came forth with.

Makaryan told Syrian Armenians will be offered jobs in the field of
tourism services, including work for the first and second class hotels.

Employers’ Association President also noted nobody has applied to
them yet.

In accordance with Syrian Human Rights Defense Organization the ongoing
clashes have resulted in the death of over 17 thousand 192 people. By
the info of Arab mass media 11 thousand 897 were peaceful civilians,
while 4348 were security officers. Among the victims there were 7
Armenians, 2 of which were the Syrian Army militaries.

A number of people are leaving the country because of the lasting
clashes. Over 50 passengers have successfully landed Zvartnots airport
on August 2 by Aleppo -Yerevan flight.

Armenian Ministries of Diaspora, Education and Science and public
institutions are making efforts to ensure tuition and accommodation
necessary conditions for arrived Syrian Armenians.