Nkr Mfa: Azerbaijan Continues The Policy Of Resettlement In The Shah


02.08.2012 17:32

The Nagorno-Karabakh Republic Ministry of Foreign Affairs in connection
with the note spread by Azerbaijan’s Permanent Mission to the OSCE,
concerning the alleged resettlement of the NKR territories, draws the
OSCE and its country-members’ attention to the propagandistic character
of the given document, which aims to deceive the international
community and destabilize the negotiation process and the situation
in the region.

“In spite of the obvious fact that the NKR has its sovereign right
to receive migrants in its territory, the spread misinformation
is absolutely groundless, and the results of the monitoring
on the situation in these territories, carried out by the OSCE
Assessment Mission in 2010, can proof it. As for the report by the
OSCE Fact-Finding Mission in 2005, which the Permanent Mission of
Azerbaijan refers to, we consider necessary to remind that according
to the statement by the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairmen, the mission
did not find out “any clear organized resettlement” and “did not
determine that the resettlement resulted from a deliberate policy”.

In this context, we consider necessary to once more draw the attention
of the Organization on Security and Cooperation in Europe to the fact
that Azerbaijan continues the policy of resettlement in the Shahumyan
region, Getashen subregion and the other NKR regions, being under
the occupation of Azerbaijan. Moreover, Azerbaijan has over the years
withheld its consent to carry out such a monitoring in these regions,
which testifies to the unquestionable fact of their resettling and
cannot but provoke the OSCE and other international organizations’
serious anxiety.

As for the attacks of the official Baku concerning the July 19
presidential elections in the NKR, attended by representatives from 22
countries as international observers, including the OSCE, members of
European Parliament, and recognized as free, just, transparent and
meeting the international standards, similar attitude is another
proof of the fact that Azerbaijan with its totalitarian regime,
where the power passes from father to son, where “the elections” –
are just a show and farce, cannot respect democratic values, human
rights and freedom, as well as the principle of the electiveness of
the authorities on the basis of real expression of citizen’s will,”
the Ministry said in a statement.

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