Int’l orgs should intensify control of border incidents: DM

International organizations should intensify the control of border
incidents: Seyran Ohanyan

13:14, 4 August, 2012

YEREVAN, AUGUST 4, ARMENPRESS: The international organizations should
intensify their junctions aimed at controlling Armenian-Azerbaijani
border incidents. Foreign Affairs Minister of the Republic of Armenia
Seyran Ohanyan told Armenpress, `OSCE Minsk group co- chair states’
relevant international organizations and international agencies should
take overall control of the regional events, and especially the
cease-fire violations.
`It is obvious that the violations and subversion attempts are
provoked by Azerbaijani. It is unacceptable that Azerbaijani side,
ignoring the strong control exercised by strong states, continue
border infiltration attempts. The control should be made tenser, an
atmosphere of mutual trust must be created so NKR conflict settlement
negotiation processes go forward’ Ohanyan noted.
On the creation of border incidents investigation mechanism Defense
Minister stated, Armenian side has always expressed its willingness to
participate in this process.’ The co-chairs have come forth with the
suggestion on the launch of border incidents investigation mechanisms.
Yet there are some issues, for instance OSCE Minsk Group and the
monitoring the group’s financing. There is a need for appropriate
experts, who would be able to respond quickly the occurred incidents.
We have already expressed our willingness in the regard of the
process, ” Minister added.

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