Armenian Pupils Return From International Chemistry Olympiad With Fo


17:59 . 02/08

The Armenian delegation returned from the International Chemistry
Olympiad with medals. Four pupils of high school brought four bronze
medals from Washington.

70 countries participated in the 44th International Chemistry
Olympiad. Each country was represented by 4 pupils. As a rule,
the participants are the winners of the republican Olympiads of the
given countries.

The Armenian pupils showed good results and are satisfied with them,
though they acknowledge that the main difficulty was the experimental
part. They say they were trained in Armenia in laboratories with old
equipment, therefore they saw several equipments presented at the
competition for the first time.

“If our children fight not for their individual but for our flag and
country, they will succeed. If the child thinks about himself/herself,
we’ll never succeed. All our children had brought flags independent
of each other. Each year we had one flag, and that was brought by me.

This year, all of them brought flags. Perhaps, it was presentiment. It
turned out all the four flags were necessary, because the Armenian
flag was raised for four times and that was a big achievement,” the
head of chemistry chair of the Yerevan State Medical University Lida
Sahakyan said.

From: A. Papazian

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