More Residents Of Armenia Resort To Artificial Insemination

July 31, 2012 | 13:59

YEREVAN. – In line with the research conducted in Armenia in 2009, the
infertility rate constitutes 16.8 percent among the country’s women,
and 11.8 percent among the men, Maternal and Child Health Protection
Research Center’s Deputy Director of Science Karine Arustamyan said
during a press conference on Tuesday.

Incidentally, according to the World Health Organization, an
infertility rate exceeding 15 percent is considered a national
security threat.

Also, there are various causes for infertility, but the most widespread
are the combined causes of unknown origin.

In his turn, Center Director, Professor Georgy Okoyev spoke about
artificial insemination, and noted that this procedure is geared
toward curing infertility among families. In his words, the first
artificially-inseminated babies in Armenia were born in 2004, and
they were triplets.

Okoyev noted that the number of artificial inseminations is growing in
Armenia on a yearly basis, and, as case in point, this has increased
by 10 percent as compared with the year past.

The specialist also informed that one artificial insemination in
Armenia costs AMD 1.2-1.7 million (approx. US$ 2,940-$4,170), and,
if the process is unsuccessful, the money is not refunded because
expensive medications and materials are being used.

According to Georgy Okoyev, 38-39 percent of the artificial
insemination conducted in Armenia results in births while the pregnancy
rate is much higher.

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