BAKU: Quake hits Armenian-Turkish-Iranian border

Trend, Azerbaijan
July 29 2012

Quake hits Armenian-Turkish-Iranian border

29 July 2012, 07:09 (GMT+05:00)

An alarm was received at 4.35 p.m. on Saturday that a 3.8 magnitudes
quake and hit the Armenian-Turkish-Iranian border at 3.51 p.m. local
time, Armenia news reported.

The quake made 5 points in the epicentre, while the hypocenter was in
the depth of 10 km.

The quake struck 20 km south from Armenia’s Ararat city and was not
felt throughout Armenia, the Armenian Ministry of Emergency Situations
informs. Besides, an after-shock with 2.4 magnitudes followed the
quake at 4.14 p.m.

Earlier a 3.4-magnitude earthquake hit the Mazandaran Province of Iran.

From: A. Papazian