Tourists Number Drops By 9% In January-March – Minister


The number of the tourists who visited Armenia in the first quarter
of this year was 10% lower compared to the same period of last year,
according to the minister of economy.

At a news conference on Monday, Tigran Davtyan said that no more than
104,374 tourists visited the country in January-March 2012.

“The decrease in incoming tourism is conditioned primarily with the
lowered number of visitors from Iran. That in turn is linked with a
sharp decrease in outgoing tourism from the country,” he said.

As for the outgoing tourism records for the first quarter, it was 1.95%
higher than last year (120,50 people).

The semi-annual records (covering the period between January and June)
will be available later in July.

“I think we will have positive records, with the positive dynamics
and the paces of high growth being maintained. The operation of the
Yerevan and Stepanakert airports will contribute to that. That’s to
say, we will have two up to-date-airports. The tourism development
will be also largely affected by several hotel complexes which are
currently under construction and will be put into operation after
they are complete,” he said.

The minister added that Armenia will soon offer five hotel brands,
creating serious guarantees for developing the sector.

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