Nerses Nazaryan’s Holiday

Nerses Nazaryan’s Holiday

Story from News:

Published: 00:26:40 – 22/07/2012

The Armenian press reported that the chief of police of Yerevan Nerses
Nazaryan may be dismissed. Now he is on leave and though the head of public
relations of the Police told reporters he will return to work, the press
argues the contrary.

Nerses Nazaryan wants to be chief of police of Armenia. When Alik Sargsyan
was appointed, Nerses Nazaryan said his time of being chief of police will
come. Their relations are tense. With his experience, connections and
intrigues, Nazaryan often sent Sargsyan into awkward situations. Alik
Sargsyan once hinted that Nazaryan ordered articles in press against police

When Alik Sargsyan was replaced by Vladimir Gasparyan and Nerses Nazaryan,
he hailed his appointment, noting that it is a holiday for him. By the way,
Nerses Nazaryan was interrogated for the case of Hovhanes Tamamyan, one of
the participants of the conspiracy.

There are no reports on controversies between Gasparyan and Nazaryan
perhaps because Vova Gasparyan can control the police. Vova proves that he
can and has, in fact, rendered his main opponent Nazaryan harmless.

Nerses Nazaryan is an important person in police and in political-business
sets. He is a co-owner of Keramika and Ideal stores of buildings materials.
His son is the owner of Moskvichka groceries. The press reported also about
his connections with criminals. The day before the arrest of the gang of
Pzo in the United States one of the key members of the gang Poghos Satamyan
transferred 450 thousand dollars to Nerses Nazaryan’s son.

Nerses Nazaryan had an essential role in the transfer of Bjni Company from
Sukiasyan family to the oligarch Ruben Hairapetyan. By the way, after Vahe
Avetyan’s murder in Harsnakar, the restaurant owned by the latter, Nasaryan
is trying to clear Ruben Hairapetyan but the case was transferred to the
special investigative group with Vova Gasparyan’s unhidden dissatisfaction.
Of course, it does not mean that this group will go all the way but there
is jealousy and an issue of influence.

Will Nerses Nazaryan return from his annual leave or will he join the
participants of the conspiracy?

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